Anthony Davis’ amusing comment on Russell Westbrook joining Clippers

Whether one wants to think Russell Westbrook was to blame for all the problems the Los Angeles Lakers had the last two seasons or was simply a bad fit, everyone has to agree that the environment around the team has improved after his departure.

One source close to the team even compared his departure to removing a vampire from the locker. While that is a harsh way to describe the situation, there may be a kernel of truth to it, especially according to some reports of the tension between him and the team in his final days before being traded.

After being bought out by the Utah Jazz, Westbrook is now a member of the Los Angeles Clippers, and some think he will be the final piece to a championship puzzle for them, even though he failed to be exactly that for the Lakers.

When Anthony Davis was asked what Westbrook will bring the Clippers, he almost refused to answer (h/t The Cold Wire).

It’s nearly impossible to gather how Westbrook’s former Laker teammates really feel about him, especially since they likely wouldn’t be willing to admit anything negative in front of a camera. But his tenure with the team is over, and it is moving forward with a deeper and more athletic unit where the parts fit much better.

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Story originally appeared on LeBron Wire