'It's a f—ing disgrace': Andrew Bogut rips into FIBA after Australia's semifinal loss to Spain

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Australia's Andrew Bogut insinuated corruption by FIBA after a semifinal loss to Spain. (Photo by VCG/VCG via Getty Images)
Australia's Andrew Bogut insinuated corruption by FIBA after a semifinal loss to Spain. (Photo by VCG/VCG via Getty Images)

Andrew Bogut was not pleased after Australia lost a double-overtime semifinal against Spain in the FIBA World Cup on Friday and he made sure everyone knew it.

Australia led for most of the game, but Spain came back to serve the Boomers a heartbreaker, 95-88. It was especially tough to swallow following their 2016 meeting at the Rio Olympics, where a late questionable foul call helped Spain to a bronze medal.

Bogut shot a money sign to refs during Friday’s game after a foul allowed Spain to take the lead and later insinuated FIBA corruption in the mixed media zone.

He wasn’t alone. Australia’s assistant coach, Luc Longley, tore into the “basketball gods” in a NSFW remark.

Bogut calls loss ‘f—ing disgrace’

While tearing through the mixed media zone after the game, Bogut could clearly be heard yelling “Google where headquarters of f—ing FIBA is. It’s a f—ing disgrace.”

FIBA moved to Mies, Switzerland, in 2013. It was previously in Geneva, Switzerland, and Munich, Germany. His point was still made, though, and it won’t be easy getting out of it after his actions on the court in the fourth quarter.

With eight seconds to go in regulation, Bogut was called for a foul on Spain’s Marc Gasol, who scored 29 of his 33 points in the second half and OTs. TV cameras caught the 15-year NBA veteran and champion making a money sign alongside his smirk toward the refs.

According to various reports, the Australians were on the bad end of certain calls or at least had either-way calls go against them most often. Australian News reported that Bogut will (unsurprisingly) likely face an investigation and fine ahead of the bronze medal game against France on Sunday.

Longley unleashes NSFW remarks on Spain

Longley called it a gut-wrenching loss that felt “like deja vu from Rio.” He then added a more detailed, NSFW answer.

Via Fox Sports Australia’s Olgun Uluc:

“It’s f—in’ very similar. I think, in Rio, I also think we deserved to win it. It’s just a f—in; I don’t know what we’ve gotta do. We’ve gotta find an altar somewhere and burn a sacrifice, or do something the basketball gods, because they’re not kissing us on the d— yet, like they do Spain. You can print that if you want.

“Spain gets kissed on the d— by the basketball gods every time we play them.”

Australia had 22 turnovers overall while Spain shot 31 percent in the second half. They’re are still seeking their first gold and have now been stopped twice by Spain in tight, down-to-the-wire games.

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