Andrei Nazarov, maniac coach, fired again in KHL


When Barys Astana coach Andrei Nazarov was fired on Monday, the memories started flooding back into our minds, as the dulcet tones of Sarah McLachlan’s seminal “I Will Remember You” played behind the highlights.

Like when Nazarov unleashed a pantomime of obscene gestures at KHL officials and fans in Sept. 2014, and was suspended for six games:

Like when Nazarov, then coaching goon-tastic Vityaz, responded to an object being tossed at him by attacking fans behind the bench with a stick. He was suspended for two games:

Like when Nazarov allegedly beat up another team’s doctor.

Like when Nazarov threw a water bottle at another team’s player after he won a fight against a Barys Astana player. He was suspended four games.

Like when a player on his team sucker-punched an opponent in an August 2016 KHL game between Barys and Kunlun Red Star, the League’s first franchise in China, which prompted Kunlun to quit the game after a brawl.

‘Weep not for … the memories…”

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The team announced on Monday that Nazarov has been dismissed from the Kazakhstan-based club for “poor athletic performance.” The team has lost its first three games of the KHL season. Nazarov has coached six different teams in the KHL, including Barys twice. He had a 571-game NHL career that included time with the San Jose Sharks, Tampa Bay Lightning and Boston Bruins.

KHL News reports he’s also out as the head coach of the Kazah national team.

From the Barys website, a statement from the coach (translated):

“Thanks to the hockey players of the club and the national team for the professional work. This work was unfolding on a difficult stage in the life of hockey in Kazakhstan, took place when the change of generations. Unfortunately, in the qualifying Olympic tournament, and at the World Championships in Moscow in the KHL playoffs for solving the main tasks every time we did not have just a half points. Let’s hope that the next headquarters will be able to solve these problems. Also, from the pages of the popular portal would like to thank the leadership of Kazakh hockey, all reporters and all the fans of the Republic of Kazakhstan for sincere support. All together we have done a lot to make and «Barys», and hockey team advanced to the continent, gained more popularity, including in the media of Kazakhstan and Russia. I am convinced that all of this work together will not leave in the sand. Thanks to all”

No, this work will not leave in the sand, sir.

Sticks, water bottles, obscene gestures … those remain in the sand, like a beautiful oasis of hockey mayhem.

Fair thee well, Andrei Nazarov. And please find a job again soon, because YouTube needs your unique brand of genius.

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