Alarming stat showcases Warriors' inability to keep big leads

Alarming stat showcases Warriors' inability to keep big leads originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

The Warriors have had their ups and downs during the 2023-24 NBA season, and their playoff hopes sit at cliff's edge following their 114-110 loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves on Sunday at Target Center.

In a performance all too familiar to Dub Nation, Golden State started out with a 12-point lead over Minnesota in the first half before falling too far behind over the next two quarters to pull off a comeback.

And while a 12-point lead is easier for teams to overcome in today's NBA, it's certainly a sizeable enough advantage for any squad to ultimately walk away with a win. But that hasn't been the case for the Warriors this season, as they're tied for the league's most blown leads of at least 12 points this season.

The Warriors are tied with the San Antonio Spurs, who are in last place in the Western Conference, for the league lead with 13, followed by the Atlanta Hawks and Miami Heat at 10 apiece.

Had Golden State been able to hold onto each of those leads, it would hold a 49-21 record and currently be well within the West's top six on the cusp of an outright playoff spot. But the Warriors, with their 36-34 record, sit at No. 10 in the West with the red-hot Houston Rockets threatening their chance to even crack the NBA play-in tournament.

Keeping leads is something the team has struggled with all season. And with 12 regular-season games remaining, every win -- and point -- is crucial for Golden State.

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