Adam Peters, Commanders continue to shake up the front office

It’s been a busy four-plus months for new Washington Commanders general manager Adam Peters. First, he moved his family across the country and then jumped right into the middle of a coaching search.

Then, there was the NFL combine, free agency, pre-draft visits and so much more. With phase three of the offseason set to end next month, Peters finally has some time to relax.

Not so fast.

With the conclusion of the NFL draft, the offseason begins for NFL front offices, specifically scouts, personnel directors, etc. That usually means that teams, especially those with a new general manager, make some personnel moves.

Washington’s first shoe to drop was senior director of player personnel Eric Stokes. After four seasons, the Commanders moved on from Stokes. Stokes didn’t do anything wrong, but more of a case where Peters wanted to hire his own guys.

This week, the Commanders made more moves. David Whittington, who had been with Washington since 2009, most recently as a national scout, is taking a position with the Carolina Panthers, per Neil Stratton.

Stokes and Whittington aren’t the only ones departing Washington. Harrison Ritcher, who served as a college scout for the Commanders last season and had been with the team since 2017, is heading to the Atlanta Falcons. Ritcher will rejoin Kyle Smith, who was his boss in Washington. Smith departed Washington after the 2020 season.


Those are the only reported departures, but more will likely come. As far as who is coming aboard, Stratton names one who will follow Peters from San Francisco.

Stratton reports that Peters hired Jack Quagliarello, who spent last season with the San Francisco 49ers.

Quagliarello being called a grinder sounds a lot like Peters.

Before the NFL draft, Peters’s only front office move was hiring Lance Newmark away from the Detroit Lions to serve as his assistant general manager. The Commanders will hire more scouts, so don’t be surprised if they look to Detroit and San Francisco. Considering how the Lions and 49ers have drafted in recent years, that would be a wise choice.

Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire