2025 quarterbacks shine at New Jersey UA camp

HACKENSACK, N.J. – Many of the top prospects in the Northeast made the trip to Hackensack High School on Sunday to participate in the Under Armour Next Football Camp. Despite cold, rainy, and windy conditions, the quarterback group was one of the best on the field. Here’s a look at the five best 2025 signal callers from Sunday’s camp.


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It’s been a busy two weeks for Underwood, who played at the OT7 event in Orlando last weekend. The five-star LSU commit showed up in New Jersey on Sunday for the Under Armour camp and certainly lived up to the hype, despite the rainy and windy conditions. Underwood’s physical stature was well known prior to the event but he was still extremely impressive to see in-person. He has the ability to put as much power behind his throws as he wants to but he rarely throws the ball 100 mph because he doesn’t need to do so. It was good to see Underwood throw with touch in less-than-ideal weather conditions. On the whole, Underwood’s deep passes were just as accurate as his short passes. The majority of the few off target throws he made during one-on-ones were due to miscommunication with his intended receiver. Underwood could have been more consistent with his mechanics and footwork but anything he lacked in those areas didn’t impact his performance in this type of setting.



Sunday’s performance by Zollers was his best of the offseason. Having seen him throw multiple times in the last few months, it’s clear the Missouri commit has an elite arm and can deliver accurate passes on a consistent basis. During the position drills portion of the camp, Zollers showed off solid footwork and mechanics. He’s continued to develop from a physical perspective and that added strength helped him fire passes through the rain and wind. Zollers was locked in during one-on-ones and rarely missed his mark, especially on short and intermediate routes outside the hash marks. He didn’t find as much success on deep passes or on crossing routes thanks to tight coverage by defensive backs.



Washington performed very well at the Charlotte Rivals Camp earlier this offseason and very nearly won the MVP award that day. The weather conditions were perfect for that camp but on Sunday Mother Nature did not cooperate. For the most part, Washington handled it well. He was one of the best throwers during the position drills portion of camp and his passes on short and intermediate routes were strong and accurate. As the weather worsened and one-on-ones continued, Washington saw his deep throws hit their mark on a less consistent basis. Overall, Washington turned in a very solid performance but more familiarity with his receivers would have been a big benefit to him.


Geer is just a shade over six feet tall but he can throw with the power of a much bigger quarterback. The Virginia commit outperformed expectations on Sunday and a number of observers commented on his performance. Geer’s ability to deliver accurate passes on a consistent basis despite the rain and wind helped him stand out in a crowded field. He was one of the better athletes in the quarterback group on Sunday so it shouldn’t be surprising that he impressed during the footwork drills.



Saunders has been a well-known prospect for a few years and he has come along nicely. The Kentucky commit has strung together a few prolific seasons on the field and expected to have similar success on Sunday. Saunders had a great start to the day, with a very solid showing during drills leading up to one-on-ones. He had an up-and-down performance during one-on-ones and the weather certainly wasn’t helping. Saunders had plenty of highlight-worthy passes, fitting the ball into his receiver despite tight coverage. He had a fair number of errant or off target passes as well.