2023 World Series preview: Texas Rangers vs. Arizona Diamondbacks

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Hannah Keyser and Zach Crizer recap the ALCS and NLCS before previewing the World Series matchup between the Texas Rangers and Arizona Diamondbacks.

Hannah and Zach kick off this episode of The Bandwagon by wondering if the World Series matchup tells the narrative story of the 2023 MLB season and then they try to come up with a catchy name for the series.

Before we dive deep into the playoffs, there’s some news! San Diego Padres manager Bob Melvin is about to be named San Francisco Giants manager. It’s weird! Hannah and Zach talk about why it’s happening and what it will mean for the Padres and Giants going forward.

Hannah attended all of the ALCS games in Houston and Arlington, so she does her best to recap the series that saw the Texas Rangers defeat the Houston Astros in 7 games, including a detailed breakdown of the pitch that was thrown at Adolis Garcia and everything that happened after. Was the pitch intentional? There’s a lot of evidence that says it probably was!

Meanwhile, Zach attended all of the NLCS games in Philadelphia and Phoenix, so he recaps a strange series and attempts to explain how the Arizona Diamondbacks made an adjustment and stopped what looked like a playoff juggernaut in the Philadelphia Phillies.

Hannah and Zach then preview this World Series matchup, which is filled with exciting young played but lacking in star power, and tell neutral fans which team they should probably be rooting for.

Before the episode ends, we’ve got a clip from you from a past episode of The Bandwagon, when Hannah and Zach were talking about a couple of teams that they really liked at the start of the season: The Texas Rangers and the Arizona Diamondbacks.

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