12 of 16 Amazon games feature teams from same division

If familiarity breeds contempt, there will be plenty of contempt on Thursday nights this year. And one Friday.

The 16 Amazon games for 2024 include 12 games that pit two teams from the same division against each other.

That can be a good thing, because plenty of those rivalries produce close games, with the supposedly lesser team having a shot at winning since they know that opponent well. Later in the year, it can be a bad thing if one or both teams aren't in the playoff hunt.

Still, flexing is now available, allowing the NFL to get out of a bad game late in the year. Based on last year, however, flexing might not be needed because people tune in to the games regardless of the opponents and/or the health of the quarterbacks.

The non-division games happen Week 7 (Broncos at Saints), Week 8 (Vikings at Rams), Week 9 (Texans at Jets), and Week 17 (Seahawks at Bears).

The Amazon slate consists of 15 Thursday games and one Friday game — Raiders at Chiefs on the day after Thanksgiving, at 3:00 p.m. ET.