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TMZ says Minnesota Vikings offensive lineman Bryant McKinnie(notes) spent $100,000 in a single night at a Los Angeles club during NBA All-Star Weekend.

The website reports that McKinnie racked up the tab at a party hosted by rapper Rick Ross*. He ordered 15 bottles of champagne that were so big "the entire club stopped to watch the wait staff bring them to Bryant's area." I hope they were big. Even at $5,000 each, that would only get McKinnie to $75,000. Either he's a big tipper or his entourage ate a lot of mozzarella sticks and wings. 

* I couldn't find a picture of McKinnie and Ross so I had to settle for one he took a few years ago with rappers Trick Daddy (right) and Pleasure P. I'm not really upset about this because, look at Trick. I think he may have been hanging out with Onterrio Smith that night.  

How much is $100,000 to a guy like McKinnie? He's set to earn $4.9 million this season, assuming there's a season to play. Here's a chart that breaks down what that sort of financial hit would be like for people making normal salaries:

If you look at it like McKinnie was spending like he was on vacation, the total isn't as excessive. Families going to Disney World drop an equivalent amount of money in a few days, but somehow I doubt McKinnie was putting money away in a change jar to save for his night out at MyHouse

On the bright side, the club was on dry land and not at sea. Regardless, Real Sports should start following the offensive lineman now to get started on the inevitable piece they'll run in 2020 about how he's broke. 

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