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Conservative FOX News commentator Tucker Carlson thinks that Michael Vick(notes) should have been executed for running an illegal dogfighting ring. Carlson made the stunning comment while guest-hosting Sean Hannity's show on Tuesday. The topic was Barack Obama's phone call to Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie:

That seems rational. It's the old "eye for an eye, hand for a paw" code. (And, c'mon, if Vick should be executed for anything it's that awful performance he gave in the Eagles Tuesday night loss to the Minnesota Vikings. Kidding.)

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We could spend all day ripping apart Carlson's assertion (the "I'm a Christian ... but" line is a sure sign we're headed toward absurdity), but then we'd have to act like it was a legitimate suggestion. Plus, it would also force us to assume that Carlson, an avid hunter, actually believes Vick should have been sent to the chair for the dogfighting and didn't say that simply for effect and attention, like everyone on FOX News and MSNBC seems to do these days.

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