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Thanks to Chad Ochocinco(notes) and his new sponsor, Motorola, the Cincinnati Bengals have avoided a television blackout for its game Sunday against the Houston Texans. Earlier in the week it appeared the Bengals game might not sell out, despite the team's 4-1 start. But today Ochocino Tweeted the good news and the Bengals confirmed it an hour later:

Other than self-congratulation, it's unclear what exact role Ochocinco played in getting the tickets purchased. We do know that Motorola will give away 1,200 tickets to the game and that the Bengals and the local CBS affiliate also played a role in ensuring a sellout. (Although we use "sellout" in the loosest way possible, since the Bengals tout on their Web site that plenty of seats are still available for purchase.)

On Thursday, the team received a 24-hour extension to sell out the stadium and avoid the blackout. Said Bengals executive vice president Katie Blackburn:

"We are thrilled with the response from our fans, Motorola and Local12, and we are pleased that Bengals fans across the region can watch our game on Sunday. We have great fans, and a sold-out Jungle will give us a real home field advantage."

This brings up two questions: First, why doesn't the NFL just change the sellout deadline from Thursday to Friday and avoid having to constantly grant extensions? And second, people call Paul Brown Stadium "The Jungle"? 

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