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I feel like I just stole the title to Maurice Clarett's eventual autobiography or perhaps a Lifetime movie about him. If that ends up being the case, I'm sorry.

But yes, former Denver Broncos running back Maurice Clarett has a blog that he updates from prison. It's called "The Mind of Maurice Clarett," and he seems to be happy expressing himself there. Hopefully, he can become known for saying something other than "I gotta get my goose on." Here's the entire text of a recent post entitled "It."

I don’t have a lot of words to say today because words can’t express what I’m feeling today. I’m optimistic and I am fortunate. Those two words do not exactly describe my innate feeling but they were the best I could come up with. I looked through a thesaurus to see if it could help and to my surprise, there was nothing. I’m fortunate to be LIVING. I don’t have the exact science of learning to appreciate the now but if you’re out and you see a book, whose title describes in essence what I am describing, pick it up and apply what you read.

I'll be honest with you ... I don't think I'm gonna find that book.

But in all seriousness, I'm happy for Mo. He's doing his time, it doesn't sound like he's miserable, and he doesn't report any incidents of large men named "Bruno," "The Shower Master," or "Rae Carruth" forcing themselves upon him.

Self-expression's important for a prisoner, and I'm happy he's found an outlet with the blog. Oh, and do him a favor: Don't tell him in the comments that Mike Shanahan got fired. He might still be harboring dreams of getting out and rushing for 1,000 yards with the Broncos in 2010. Let's let him hold on to that dream.

Gracias, Deadspin.

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