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Fake Brett Favre has descended upon Green BayA man impersonating Brett Favre(notes) has fooled some of Green Bay's more gullible football fans in recent days.

The unidentified gentleman, who bears a slight resemblance to the Packers legend, has been seen in the stands at team practices posing for pictures with fans. (See picture at right.) One restaurant owner told The Green Bay Press-Gazette that the same man came in recently and signed autographs in Favre's name.

Favre's travel coordinator says the Packers legend hasn't been in Green Bay since the Minnesota Vikings played there last season.

Besides the obvious "Favre has a travel coordinator?" question, the most pressing issue is this: How can Green Bay be considered the greatest football town in America if its fans are fooled by a guy who kinda, sorta looks like Brett Favre? The guy in the picture above doesn't even have any stubble! And there's no perpetual world-weary "woe is me" look on his face. Was that guy even having any fun or acting like a little kid out there?

Like Favre would show up at a random bar or sit in the stands at training camp wearing his own jersey. Was he in Crocs? Taking random cell phone pictures? Was ESPN's Rachel Nichols shadowing him? For that matter, don't the fans know that Favre usually doesn't show up until the fourth week of training camp anyway?

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