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A 9-1-1 call was made on New Year's Day by a man who alleged that Brady Quinn and his pals were shouting hate speech at a group of homosexual men. Here's the audio of that call, from
Oh, dear. That's not good. I know my good friend Derek Anderson would never do something like that.

If you want to defend Brady Quinn, that's fine. I know there are (for some reason) a lot of Quinn fans out there. If you find it suspicious that it's February 13th and we're just now hearing about a January 1st incident, fine. If you choose not to believe the caller, that's fine, too.

But what I don't want to hear is, "Oh, it's just a word. It's no big deal to call the guy a name." 

Yes, it is just a word, but unfortunately, that particular word is a big deal. Words have meaning. Words can be used to hurt people. If you're a straight (I presume), attractive, rich, white male like Brady Quinn, you'll probably never be able to understand what it's like to be on the receiving end of one of those hurtful words, but that doesn't make it okay to use them.

It's hate speech. It's discriminatory. It's homophobic. It's an effort to intimidate, insult, hurt, and degrade another human being. It's not acceptable.

I'm just hoping it's not true. I don't know why the caller would make it up (and, honestly, the caller seems to go out of his way to be fair to Quinn when talking to, but for the sake of Brady Quinn, the Cleveland Browns, the NFL, and humanity, I hope he did.

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