Friday's Pickups of the Day

Mike Gallagher
April 5, 2013
Wired: Hot Pickups for Week 24
It's the last full week of the season and a couple injuries have led to some guys gaining value. Mike Gallagher breaks it all down

Here are the guys that gained value:

Corey Brewer- He can add a ton of threes and steals, which makes him a must-own player.

Jimmy Butler- He's filling the stat sheet and has a high upside.

Joe Johnson- If you need 3s and he was let loose, he's worth a look. Yes, I'd rather have Brewer.

Wilson Chandler- He kind of a mini-Brewer and has a 35-point game on his season game log. He's a high-upside player with his 3-point prowess.

Brandan Wright- Elton Brand going down should help his case.

Chris Kaman- Ditto.

Nazr Mohammed- The Bulls need bodies and Nazr Mohammed is the kind of body they need.

Gary Neal- It was his second good game in a row and he put up 14 points on Thursday. He's worth a look, but set your expectations low.