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Final Four tale of the tape

Pat Forde
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Video: Is Louisville-Kentucky matchup the most intense Final Four game ever?]

Kentucky Category Louisville
7 National titles 2
15 Final Fours 9
23,721 Average attendance 22,038
Dan Issel Icon Wes Unseld
Jack Givens Hometown hero on title team Darrell Griffith
Adolph Rupp Program patriarch Denny Crum
Rupp's Runts Beloved team with alliterative nickname Doctors of Dunk
Rick Pitino (2001-12) Coach the other side loved to hate Rick Pitino (1989-97)
"Glory Road" Not in fans' DVD collection "60 Minutes" episode
on shoddy academics
Patrick Sparks Last-second assassin Edgar Sosa
Christian Laettner NCAA tourney killer U.S. Reed
Unibrow Unlikely fashion statement Infrared
Lob dunk Team trademark 2-3 zone
Marquis Teague Recruit the other guys wanted Chane Behanan
Chris Lofton Infamous recruiting miss Rajon Rondo
Enes Kanter Recruiting coup that wasn't Sebastian Telfair
Can't win in football Conference problem Can't get into Big 12
Worldwide Wes Coach's consigliere Vinny Tatum
Rick Pitino Coach's arch-enemy John Calipari
Getting superstars to play together Coach's gift Getting players to overachieve
New Jersey Nets Coach's NBA bust Boston Celtics
Vacated One word the coach
doesn't want to hear
Chris Mills' Emery envelope Four words the fans don't want to hear Samaki Walker's Ford Explorer
Lexington-born George Clooney Native son Louisville-born Muhammad Ali
Ashley Judd Celebrity fan Senate minority leader
Mitch McConnell
Kansas Category Ohio State
3 National titles 1
Please Football titles 4
42,283 Football attendance 105,231
16,436 Basketball attendance 15,125
Missouri Block "M" they hate Michigan
Missouri raiders burned Lawrence, Kan., to ground in 1863 Rivalry violence Michigan and Ohio militias squabbled over Toledo in 1835
Adolph Rupp, Dean Smith Famous coaching export Bob Knight
"Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk" Chant "O-H … I-O!"
Tickets Don't mention Tattoos
Fake Coach's hair Thinning
Wilt Chamberlain Ancient hero Jerry Lucas
Danny Manning '80s hero Clark Kellogg
Thomas Robinson Modern hero Jared Sullinger
Charlie Weis Wide body Sullinger
Larry Brown Winner/sinner Jim O'Brien
Phog One-word coaching icon Woody
Naismith Court, Naismith Hall, Naismith Drive … Campus arrogance The Ohio State University
Tyrel Reed Dweeb Gordon Gee
Roy Williams Hero turned villain Maurice Clarett
Jim Ryun Track stud Jesse Owens
Xavier Henry, Josh Selby Good while it lasted Mike Conley, Greg Oden
Ali Farokhmanesh Surprise March assassin Josh Harrellson
vs. Bucknell in 2005,
vs. Bradley in 2006
First-round flop vs. Siena, 2009
Fake bird Fraudulent mascot Man in a nut costume
None, unless you count Bob Dole Exciting alum Dwight Yoakam

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