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The Big Board takes into consideration past returns, current performance and expected future gains in determining who should be included among the top 50 fantasy basketball players. Essentially, the Big Board is a cheat sheet designed for a fantasy owner who is planning to participate in a draft today. Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Basketball default scoring settings are used as the baseline for the Big Board, which is updated on a regular basis.

Big Board 50: Basketball
Rank Player Stock Pvs.
1 Kevin Durant , OKC, SF Career highs included 50% FG, 2 3pm, 8 reb, 1.2 blk; still shy of 24th birthday -
2 LeBron James , MIA, F Delivered 3rd-largest FG% impact, was 4th in steals/g and 17th in assists/g -
3 Chris Paul , LAC, PG Deserves No.1 consideration for 9-cat roto, is nothing less than 1c overall -
4 Kevin Love , MIN, FC As good as anyone above when at his absolute best (see March '12 splits) -
5 Dwyane Wade , MIA, G Finished with per-game rank of 5th despite injuries and career-low minutes -
6 Al Jefferson , UTA, FC Set all-time mark with 5% TO rate; Millsap trade could mean usage uptick -
7 Russell Westbrook , OKC, PG 8-cat monster raised FG% for fourth straight season while doubling 3pm/g -
8 LaMarcus Aldridge , POR, FC Cracked usage top 20 in 111-12, will be the true alpha for a rebuilt Blazers -
9 Dwight Howard , ORL, C Unlikely to sacrifice punt-FT% impact in almost any potential team scenario -
10 Deron Williams , BKN, PG Career-high 2.1 3pm but just 41% FG (17.5 FGA); where does he land? -
11 Paul Millsap , UTA, PF Defensive #s moved impact from great to elite; 2.2 stl, 0.9 blk over final 35 G -
12 Kyrie Irving , CLE, PG Nothing but superlatives; ROY finished 26th in per-game with just 31 mpg -
13 Kyle Lowry , HOU, PG Easy to forget that he was top-10 before battling the bacterial infection -
14 Andrew Bynum , LAL, C Most notable of his career highs was 35 mpg; trade to ORL would be ideal -
15 Josh Smith , ATL, F Career usage and offense with Horford shelved; on his way out of ATL? -
16 Al Horford , ATL, FC Back-to-back top-15 seasons before pectoral injury cost him most of 11-12 -
17 Kobe Bryant , LAL, SG Second-highest usage of his career at age 33; team headed for changes -
18 Dirk Nowitzki , DAL, PF Another year older and roster will change, but impossible to doubt Dirk -
19 Pau Gasol , LAL, FC Versatile game easily adaptable if he did happen to be traded from LAL -
20 Ty Lawson , DEN, PG Unheralded top-25 season; prototype for "doesn't hurt you anywhere" -
21 James Harden , OKC, GF Doesn't need starter's minutes for huge impact, but it's a sweet dream -
22 Nicolas Batum , POR, GF Undeniable top-10 ceiling and team rebuild sets stage for unquestioned role -
23 Serge Ibaka , OKC, FC Delivered fantasy's largest positive (3.7 blk) with a repeat of just 27 mpg -
24 Rudy Gay , MEM, F Safe, consistent floor and still holds that 3pm/stl/blk upside potential -
25 Mike Conley , MEM, PG Essentially a two-category specialist, but elite steals are hard to come by -
26 Marcus Thornton , SAC, GF Thrived in team's three-guard look; completely healthy season is final frontier -
27 Paul George , IND, GF Per-36s included 1.7 3pm, 2 stl, 0.7 blk; give this man starter's minutes! -
28 DeMarcus Cousins , SAC, FC Will be true monster if he cuts fouls further and improves on 57% FG at rim -
29 Paul Pierce , BOS, GF Celtics could look drastically different, with Pierce in line for serious usage -
30 Ryan Anderson , ORL, FC Per-36s barely changed during breakout, but D12 trade could be trouble -
31 Greg Monroe , DET, C Late swoon took some shine off otherwise stellar sophomore season -
32 Brandon Jennings , MIL, PG Season's biggest surprise started strong and finished even stronger -
33 Kevin Garnett , BOS, FC Move to C proved to be a statistical boon; does UFA return to Boston? -
34 Marc Gasol , MEM, C Production won't fall far if he stays close to his career-high 37 mpg -
35 Danilo Gallinari , DEN, SF Massive through 25 games, then injuries hit; deep squad could cap mpg -
36 Carmelo Anthony , NYK, F Melo's usage seems safe, but hard to think it'll be anything but bumpy ride -
37 Manu Ginobili , SAS, GF How many minutes will Pop give him in his age 35 season? (23 mpg in 11-12) -
38 Danny Granger , IND, F Another drop-off in FG%, steals, blocks; change of scenery coming? -
39 Andre Iguodala , PHI, GF No doubt an impact player but requires special handling (12.4 pts, 62% FT) -
40 Joe Johnson , ATL, G Ups and downs produced another top-35 finish but doesn't inspire confidence -
41 Ersan Ilyasova , MIL, PF Second half flurry paves way for fat free agent contract and major role -
42 Stephen Curry , GSW, PG Currently rehabbing after Apr 25 surgery; your top risk/reward pick for 12-13 -
43 David Lee , GSW, FC Will face competition from (a healthy) Bogut for post touches and boards -
44 Marcin Gortat , PHO, C How far will his offense fall without Nash feeding him on the pick and roll? -
45 Nene Hilario , WAS, FC Back at center and with a more substantial role for the Wizards -
46 John Wall , WAS, PG Huge 8-cat boost; anemic jumpshooting is key to roto improvement -
47 Anthony Davis , Rookie Offense needs work, but boards, steals, and blocks will transfer immediately -
48 Joakim Noah , CHI, C Overcame early-season issues to arrive at familiar production level -
49 Blake Griffin , LAC, PF Massive roto drag is no slouch as a punt-FT% foundation (but dwarfed by Howard) -
50 Chris Bosh , MIA, FC Two seasons in MIA have produced per-game ranks of 41st and 43rd -

ON THE BUBBLE: Eric Gordon, NOR, SG; Rajon Rondo, BOS, PG; Monta Ellis, MIL, G; Jeff Teague, ATL, PG; Wesley Matthews, POR, GF; Zach Randolph, MEM, FC; Tony Parker, SAS, PG; Steve Nash, PHO, PG; Gerald Wallace, BKN, F; Goran Dragic, HOU, PG; Tyson Chandler, NYK, C