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I was impressed enough after watching this video of Vanderbilt pitcher Corey Williams making a successful throw to first after being nailed in the kneecap by a fierce line drive.

Then I saw the X-ray of Williams' kneecap — do not look below if you're the squeamish sort — and decided the lefty's full name needs to be declared a synonym for tough. He should also be immediately promoted to whatever ranks above Commodore.

Check this out:

Are you kidding me? I'm not ashamed to say that if someone halves one of my body parts, I'm immediately crumpling into a crying and swearing heap on the ground.

But not only does Williams field the ball while falling to the mound, he's also able to throw to first in time to get Florida's Austin Maddox in exchange for obliterating his kneecap.

Again, that is the actual X-ray of Williams' knee, which was sent by the school to Kendall Rogers, our esteemed college baseball editor over at Rivals, and posted on VU's blog. Why would they send that out? Well, Williams' redshirt freshman season is over, so I suppose Vandy decided he should get something else — like, uh, the respect of the thousands who will watch that video and view that unbelievable X-ray — instead. No one can say he doesn't deserve it.

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