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• Happy Friday the 13th! To commemorate the unlucky day (one of three in 2009), our man Rich fills some slots on the All-No. 13 baseball team, from The Shot Heard 'Round The World pitcher to a certain Yankees third baseman who's past due for a little good fortune. [Home Run Derby]

• Speaking of all-star teams, Chalk takes it upon himself to name an all-first round WBC squad. Only 23 days to Opening Day, folks! [Bugs & Cranks]

• Our man Navin comes up with eight over/under categories for this year's Blue Jays and then picks the over on all eight. So either he's a bad line setter, an optimistic Canuck or maybe even both, that Navin. [Sports And The City]

• Bert Blyleven's pitching expertise and love of pranks has elevated the Netherlands' pitching rotation in the WBC. Orange-and-black "I (Heart) To Fart" shirts for everybody! [Yahoo! Sports]

• "A woman has filed a complaint against former Yankees center fielder Bernie Williams for allegedly hitting her at a nightclub while she took his picture." [AP

STEW NEWS: Just as DB is heading back from Florida, I'm headed out to Arizona for a week-long spring swing through the desert, followed by a trip to Mannywood for the WBC finals. The fun all starts on Monday, so make you're following the Stew's Twitter.

• Your daily "Is it really too soon for Rick Porcello?" debate. [Bless You Boys]

• Put a flat-brimmed Mariners' hat on your wish list, but don't buy it just yet. Chad Cordero just signed a minor-league deal with Seattle. [USS Mariner]

• Here's a fun parlor game for the weekend: Dead? Or a Washington National? [Desipio]

• Bearded bobbleheads > Baby-faced bobbleheads. [Sons of Steve Garvey]

• Finally, make sure to raise a toast this St. Patrick's Day weekend to MLB's most famous Irishman, Bartolo Colon. [Smells Like Mascot]

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