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• Lost in the shuffle of Monday's Hall of Fame news was that voters failed to cast a single ballot for either Dan Plesac, Ron Gant or Greg Vaughn. The trio will join the not-so-posh club of eligible players who did not receive a single tally and were booted off next year's list. In one of those "why didn't I think of that?" blog posts, Rich takes us through a rundown of the membership. [Home Run Derby]

• Also knocked off the list? Former AL MVP Mo Vaughn, who received only six votes. Now, I'm not saying that Big Mo should have been a Hall of Famer, but I don't think he should have been bounced so early. (Then again, I wouldn't have put him on my ballot, so who am I to blame anybody for his premature ejection?) [Red Sox Monster]

• Mevs has some good shots from a tour of the new Yankee Stadium. [Diamond Hoggers]

• Frank McCourt is The Dodgers are looking to brand a few parts of their ballpark with corporate logos and the Sons have a few suggestions. The Nestle Tollhouse cookie dough warning track looks delicious. [Sons of Steve Garvey]

• Speaking of the Dodgers, Vin Scully was just named the greatest sports broadcaster of all time. Those night games at Chavez Ravine can't get here soon enough. [Blue Notes]

• The Michael Young-Rangers breakup isn't getting any prettier. [Lone Star Ball]

• Finally, even though I know better, here's the early frontrunner for Big League Stew Email of the Year 2009. I haven't been so confused over a looks comparison since I went to a Mavericks-Bulls game and one drunk kept insisting that I was Mark Cuban. Enjoy:   

"I'm assuming I'm not the first to notice this, but in that photo of you (the black and white headshot in front of the red brick), you look eerily and alarmingly like John Wayne Gacy, pervert and mass murderer of 33 young men. I feel I am being unnecessarily traumatized. Please change it before I sue for pain and suffering!"

Actually, you were the first to notice it, but I appreciate the attention. Thanks, Phil.

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