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It's a little hard to make out what's going on in this Target aisle.

But as Sons of Steve Garvey reports first-hand, it's a baseball card collector weighing packs of Topps Heritage with a portable scale. According to this crouched fella, the packs with the valuable insert cards weigh differently than those without "on-card autographs or relics."

The Sons are currently asking their readers if this selective approach to buying packs is wrong. As far as I know, there's no law on the books prohibiting weighing your products before you buy them. In fact, if this was a Super Target, this obsessive dude could have just walked over and used the scale in the produce department.

So this kid probably checks out legally, so long as local codes don't prohibit being a creep.

As for the ethical ramifications, there's quite a case to be mounted by those of us who believe in the purity of ripping open packs to find the unknown surprises inside.

Then again, whatever purity the industry possessed died when they started charging more than 50 cents a pack. So who's to say that this is anything more than a sad commentary on what baseball card collecting has become?

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