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A huge Stew standing O to each and every reader who sent in baseball-related Obamicons last night. It certainly made the night fly by and I got more than a few chuckles after opening them. I've listed my three favorites above — the 61* reference by Mike D. is superb on so many levels — but follow the jump to find nine others that are suitable for framing.  

And don't worry. If you missed out the first time, feel free to create your own Obamicon and email them in. If we get another good crop, I'll be happy to post them. 

Two more things: 1) Ernest Reyes was ahead of the curve on this one and posted a slew of Dodger-related Obamicons on Inauguration Day. Make sure to check 'em out. 2) Don't be like this guy. Keep 'em relatively clean.

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Big League Stew

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