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You knew this one was coming. With partial ownership of the New York Mets possibly on the auction block, either a self-loathing Mets fan or a gloating Philadelphia Phillies fan had dipped into the old bag of Internet comedy tricks and posted a fake Craigslist ad for the team's sale

According to the seller, potential buyers are guaranteed things like the starting second baseman's job and "a private autograph session with stars such as; Luis Castillo(notes), Pat Misch(notes), and Mets' ace, R.A. Dickey(notes)." However, they will not be afforded perks like "October baseball" or "any say in the baseball operations."

Click on over for a decent list, but I think there's room for improvement on the amenities and drawbacks. What can interested parties expect if they take the Mets up on their offer?

Big BLS H/N: TWH, The 'Ropolitans

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