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Are you the type of person who remains hopelessly entranced by that emerald flash when you first arrive at your favorite ballpark? Are you also the type of person who fancies himself a modern George Toma and spends hours on your front lawn each weekend? 

If your answer is yes to both, this new business deal between Scotts and Major League Baseball will feature a few products that are right up your well-manicured parkway.

From Reuters:

"In early April (Scotts) will begin selling grass seed blends and fertilizers featured in such iconic ballparks as Wrigley Field and Fenway Park, the respective homes of the Chicago Cubs and Boston Red Sox, as well as venues in Cincinnati, Philadelphia and St. Louis ... If the initial products sell well, others will be rolled out down the road, (a spokesman said)." 

Your front lawn could feature the same grass that your favorite team plays on? Sweet!

(OK, so there are certain times when I can really tell that I'm a huge baseball nerd and this is one of them. Really, the only person more excited about grass today is  Teddy Dupay.)

Now, I'm not saying that I'm going to tear up my landscaping when the spring thaw comes. Frankly, my landlord probably wouldn't be very cool with that. 

But I like that my lawn could resemble the green shag at Wrigley Field if I really wanted and that my neighbors would feel compelled to call me "Sodfather" when it was all finished. 

I also like the ideas that I could cut lines into it like that one groundskeeper taught me last spring and that my father is reading this someehere and thanking his stars that this seed wasn't available when my brother and I were younger.

(To this day, I maintain that the quality of the grass in his backyard was the one big thing that kept our giant backyard wiffle ball field from being truly great.)

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