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Duk's Dozen is a selection of 12 morning-fresh links and items that will start your baseball news day off right. Got links? Send 'em here or via Twitter.

1. The Detroit papers got their hands on another police report from Miguel Cabrera's(notes) DUI arrest and it's somehow even sadder than the first. According to the report, the Detroit Tigers star threatened to "blow up" the patrons of one bar, made a reference to a gun in his bag and later told police to shoot him.

After the news initially broke, there was a group of people that sprung up and wanted to write off Cabrera's run-in as a garden-variety DUI stop (if there can ever be such a thing). But these latest details should send a signal that Cabrera has a serious problem to even the biggest of Tigers fans. Detroit News

2. In the wake of the terrible Luis Salazar news on Wednesday, I expect that we're going to see another round of debate over how much extra protection baseball should think about when it comes to the areas around the dugout. It's a worthwhile debate to have — especially when it comes to fan seating — but I don't think it will ever go much further than that. Players will never agree to enclosing their area in the dugout or wearing helmets in between at-bats. Hardball Talk

3. At any rate, I'm sure glad that we have someone again putting it all into "perspective" for us: "Cubs loss to Royals pales in view of Salazar accident." (Yes, that's an actual headline.)  Bleed Cubbie Blue

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4. "Any day you hit a homer is a good day." — Jack Cust(notes) Seattle Times

5. Maybe it's a Pittsburgh thing, but I don't see the outrage over MLB 2K11 producers allowing the Pirates' No. 21 to be worn in a video game. It's been my experience that all custom characters can wear whatever number they want, right?  P-G via RumBunter

6. But once a Pirate, always a Pirate: Here's a good piece of how the Pirates are rallying around former prospect A.J. Johnson after a bad New Year's Eve car crash.

7. With the NFL and NBA facing tough labor battles, can MLB take advantage and strengthen its grip on its claim of the national pastime? Joe Aiello thinks it can. View From The Bleachers

8. Never noticed this until Sax pointed it out in relation to Jon Garland's(notes) latest ailment: "Oblique? Oh, bleak." Sons of Steve Garvey

9. The Philadelphia Phillies announced a new two-year contract extension for manager Charlie Manuel on Thursday morning. The Good Phight

10. Was Google Maps' satellite view of Citizens Bank Park taken on opening day? 700 Level

11. This isn't a baseball link, but I think it's a good re-enactment of how the confusion over Kendrys Morales name may have started. YouTube via @RBPBlog

12. Just go with it: How Josh Beckett's(notes) career with the Boston Red Sox mirrors the "Star Trek" movie franchise. Sully Baseball

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