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Since the AP baseball photo feed is guaranteed to be barren for the next few weeks, we thought it might be fun to hold some theme weeks for our fabled C-a-C contests.

This week, it's: Baseball and Music

For a closet Phish fan, I don't make as many references on the Stew as I should. So in anticipation of their upcoming reunion tour, please dream up some words for this photo of Trey throwing out the first pitch at a Cubs game in 2006. I still kick myself for not showing up to Wrigley Field that day and maybe running into him in the press box. Ditto for Kellie Pickler night.

By the way, I know pitchers use a rosin bag, but I'm hoping the headline implication is clear.  

So have at it, amateur Internet copy editors of the world. How should this caption read? 

Follow the jump for winners from Monday's snitch-filled C-a-C:

'Hey Joe, know what Def Jam did to snitches?'

1st — rexdeaz. 

Joe Torre and Russell Simmons announce their new collaboration, an album where Torre will make rap and R&B versions of his favorite Frank Sinatra tunes. Torre — "New York, New York, it's a helluva town/ You know the Bronx is up and I'm Brooklyn down!"

2nd — Baseball Fan. 

"Russell Simmons and I are here today to speak-out against domestic violence because, if we didn't, David Wells has threatened to punch us both in the face."

3rd — Older Than Moses Shaq. 

"Alex Rodriguez? I'm not sure I know who that is?...Oh, you mean A-Fraud! OK, what about him?"

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