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EXCLUSIVE! While the rest of the baseball world waits for the white smoke to signal Cliff Lee's(notes) decision — Texas Rangers? New York Yankees? Mystery team? — Big League Stew has learned that a barista from Little Rock, Ark., apparently tried to sway the decision of the ace pitcher on Monday morning.

True story: We received the picture of the above Rangers-logoed mocha in our email inbox about an hour ago. It arrived from a man who reports that his friend works at Boulevard Bread Company and has served Lee and his wife before.

The friend, says our guy, is a Rangers fan with an interest in keeping the Lees in the region.

And as you can see, he didn't try to hide his bias when serving Lee his favorite beverage at the dawn of a week when Lee is expected to decide on a home for the next seven seasons.  

Said our caffeine-minded tipster:

"When my friend, Kevin, texted me the pic I replied 'I bet he smiled on the inside' because [Lee] usually doesn't react much to Kevin's shenanigans — but Kevin said he actually smiled on the outside this time."  

So, do with this earth-shaking information as you will, folks. But as far as we're concerned, this is the biggest development in Lee's signing since he bought two pairs of cowboy boots in Texas and the store employees told him they wanted him to stay.

We mean, how can the Yankees possibly compete?

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