Maradona is making fun of the size of Pele’s genitalia now

The childish back and forth between 52-year-old Maradona and 72-year-old Pele has been going on since dragons roamed the earth and as the two legendary players sink deeper into retirement, it only becomes more puerile.

Speaking at conference in Sao Paulo intended to serve as a rally against the corruption of CONMEBOL, Maradona was presented with an old photo showing a fully nude Pele with Franz Beckenbauer and their New York Cosmos teammates in the shower. "I want to know who was the greatest," said the journalist who gave him the photo, referring two the two buck naked all-time greats. Maradona's response?

Pointing to Pele's genitals and laughing, he said: "This was the smallest."

Given how long the photo has been around and the fact that Pele was once a spokesman for Viagra, jokes about his dong aren't anything new. Usually Maradona's Pele material is based around his Brazilian counterpart mixing up his pills. Meanwhile, Pele's countryman Romario, who was also on the panel with Maradona, has taken to keeping it simple in recent months by just calling Pele an imbecile.

This is what great footballers do when they get old.