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Reese Hoffa

Reese Hoffa: Winning all the time is not fun

Fourth-Place Medal

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Shot putter Reese Hoffa of Team USA is blogging for Fourth Place Medal from Beijing. Check back here often for updates.

Wednesday, 8/13. After having such great day with my wife yesterday it will hard to top it today but I will try. I got up early this morning -- I guess it is my body's way of telling me that it's ready to do some damage throwing today. I go to the Beijing Normal University to get some breakfast and get my fix of video games and good food to start my day off right.

While I was downstairs I teamed up with two wrestlers who helped me rock out on Rock Band. I do not remember their names but they were very nice and very good -- I hope to play with them again before I leave for the States. I then moved on to Mario Cart where I played Kara Patterson, who just so happens to be very good at the game and kicked my butt on every race we played together except for one. It was fun to have someone better than me at the game because winning all the time is not fun; it is good to mix it up a little.

After my butt whipping I got lunch and got ready for practice. Practice was fun, and Don kept it very light knowing that I need to save my energy for the competition on Friday. I also got to hang out with Harris, an old trainer from the University of Georgia when I was just a little Hoffa trying to make his way through the world.

After a great practice I changed and got ready for dinner -- that involved me getting in my last games of Mario Cart for the day. The dinner was amazing as usual and I had two plates of chicken with peppers, onions, and salsa. I then got on the bus back to the village and got ready for my meeting with the track team. I had to give a speech that would get the team fired up and ready for the competition that is coming up on Friday. I picked up my laundry after the meet and then off to bed.

Photo via Reese Hoffa.

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