Paging Bill Gates: Please report to China

Nick Friedell
July 27, 2008

The Beijing Olympics have been billed in some circles as the "Hi-Tech Olympics." After reading this story from the Sydney Morning Herald though, it seems as if organizers might want to pick another slogan ...

"Journalists from international publications protested about internet speeds "10 times slower than at the Sydney Olympic Games eight years ago" and the apparent censorship of websites, especially those from other news organisations."

I can't stand it when I have a slow Internet connection. If I had been sitting there for ten minutes and then found out that the site was already blocked ... I would have pulled my hair out.

The Chinese, of course, tried to play it off like nothing was wrong ...

BOCOG media director Sun Weijia initially said the problem lay with the journalist, and claimed all websites and pages were available. "There is no problem or issues," he said. But when confronted by a large gathering of Western media all making the same complaint, he said: "I will look into it and get back to you."

I hope Bob Costas packed a modem of his own before he left, he's probably going to need it.