Sens’ Dziurzynski KO’d by Leafs’ McLaren in first-minute scrap (FIGHT VIDEO)

I'm not a big fan of hockey fights, especially staged fights, primarily because they're a sideshow. In my mind, hockey fights are to ice hockey what yelling "Car!" is to road hockey. Everything stops, this dangerous thing rolls through, eventually it passes, and the game starts back up again.

But it's not just that these fights are sideshows. More than that, every hockey fight runs the risk of ending in a decisive victory for one of the fighters. Strangely, when that happens, they don't seem so excellent. Consider, for instance, Wednesday night's tilt between Frazer McLaren and David Dziurzynski, which ended with Dziurzynski unconscious on the ice:

Yeah. I'm not so into that. I know others are, since the sight of Dziurzynski being scraped off the ice instigated an absurdly-timed "Go Leafs Go" chant, but I have a hard time understanding why, 26 seconds into this game, this was necessary. I guess you could argue momentum, since the Leafs scored twice in the period, but I seriously doubt that hockey players need to watch a guy knock another guy unconscious to get up to play.

“Just call me Dizzy,” Dziurzynski told reporters when he joined the Senators back in February. Here's hoping that nickname remains little more than a play on his name.

The Senators have announced that Dziurzynski has a concussion.

NHL video from Yahoo! Sports:

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