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Puck Daddy

Save of the year candidate: Goalie Christian Engstrand’s barrel-roll stick stop (Video)

Greg Wyshynski
Puck Daddy

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There are stick saves, and then there’s this stop by Christian Engstrand of Linköping in the Swedish Hockey League: a barrel roll that saw him deflect the puck with the top of his stick as he tumbled to the ice:

(This clip was burning up Reddit on Thursday as a GIF and finally hit YouTube, hence the jerky motion of the video.)

If you watch the longest highlight, you’ll see that HV71 forward Christoffer Torngren run into Engstrand’s glove in front of the crease. Did that contact send him rolling, or was Engstrand trying to sell it? Either way, it was that contact that led this remarkable stop.

This is by far the second coolest hockey thing Engstrad’s ever done. Sorry, but a desperation barrel roll stick save still doesn’t top having a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle mask. OK, maybe it had been Leonardo instead of Raph.

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