New York TV affiliate says Islanders Game 7 win could force Game 8

Photo via <a href=>@tomliodice</a>
Photo via @tomliodice

We expect this type of treatment from Los Angeles area network television affiliates but New York City? Come on guys. It’s not like the Islanders are a novelty.

Check out the above picture (thank you @TomLiodice), and below link, of NBC’s New York affiliate saying if the Islanders beat the Capitals in Game 7, then hello ... Game 8 (S/t Deadspin). Also, there's a bit of a typo at the beginning. Hey we're all human. 

And ... there’s a few Islanders fan interviews in there! Which is great, but sadly they're way more vanilla than the face of Islanders fandom:

I'm going to miss the Coliseum, just because most Brooklyn (the Islanders are moving to the Barclays Center next year) fans will probably wear skinny jeans, drink Pabst Blue Ribbon and have foreign accents. The crowd entertainment value will not be nearly as high. Sad face. 

From a factual perspective, if the Islanders beat the Capitals in Game 7 on Monday, Game 1 of the next round will be held at Madison Square Garden against the New York Rangers and the game numbers will reset. So the impossible dream of an official Game 8 will never happen. Though if the Islanders go far enough in the playoffs, they will play eight total games or more at Nassau Coliseum.

New York, you’ve had the NHL in your city since early last century! You’re a “traditional” market. Media has no excuse for this type of behavior! But the more shots/videos we can get of Islanders fans, the better, so NBC New York still deserves a stick tap. 

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