Gallery: The fan experience at Stanley Cup Final Game 2

LOS ANGELES – The atmosphere outside Staples Center for Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Final was just like the Winter Classic, expect 60 degrees warmer and a few hundred gallons more sober. 

There were kiosks for Los Angeles Kings and NHL sponsors; places for fans to get fake tattoos and faker beaded necklaces; and some rather lonely Canadians.

Let’s take a tour, shall we?

Two Kings fans pummel each other with inflatable sticks in a jousting exhibition outside the arena. Luckily, it was the third period so no penalties were called. 


As you can see above, Kings fans were getting logos airbrushed onto different body parts. Graffiti in downtown LA? Go figure.

All this talk about the celebrities at Kings fans and they can't get Bansky to do this? Weak. 

The Kings set up the Campbell Trophy among these giant letters.

So wait, there's no "I" in team but the team won a trophy that can become an "I"? So in essense there is an "I" the team can win, even if they don't have an "I" themsevles?

Wow, what's in these brownies? I feel funny.

Barry Melose, the brighest thing in the LA sky.

As we said, there were many vendors handing out their wares at the arena, incluing these folks. Remember Chuckles? Your molar cavities do!

[Expletive] hipsters. 


And a No. 11 jersey, no less. How dare you disrespect the good name of Kelly Kisio.

This man turned an inflatable Stanley Cup into a necklace. Your move, Flavor Flav.

Youth deck hockey in front of the LA Live fan fest. A couple of those kids look like ringers, IMO.

And finally ...

The single lonliest, neglected kiosk at the fan fest. Seriously, I think there was one offering venereal disease screening that had a longer line. Although it's nice to see Ryan Smyth's legacy honored.