Trent Richardson learned about trade from Browns to Colts on the radio

Anwar S Richardson

Cleveland Browns CEO Joe Banner and head coach Rob Chudzinski probably put a lot of thought into trading running back Trent Richardson to the Indianapolis Colts on Wednesday. They contemplated how the move would affect their current team. There was definitely a lot of reflection about their 2014 roster. Maybe there was some thought about the best way to deliver this news to the team.

Banner and Chudzinski probably pondered everything.

However, neither man thought about calling Richardson to inform him of the transaction after the trade was finalized.

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Instead, Richardson learned he would be joining a new team on the radio.

“Yeah, I found out on the radio,” Richardson said during an interview with 19 Action News in Cleveland. “Actually, one of my friends called me. He was like, ‘You got traded?’ I was like, ‘Man, shut up talking to me. Get off my phone.’ I turned on the radio, and all of a sudden I heard, ‘Cleveland Browns running back has been traded to the Colts.’ It just hit me in my face like I can’t believe … I didn’t see it coming. I had good relations with everybody. I guess it’s the best for the Browns. At the end of the day, it’s the best move for both of us, I guess. I want to be a Brown. I didn’t see it coming, but at the same time, I’m a Colt now, so I got to move on get ready for Sunday’s game.”

Richardson later added Chudzinski was sending him reassuring text messages. The running back never displayed any hostility toward his former team during his lengthy interview.

Even though nobody in Cleveland’s organization thought it was a priority to inform Richardson of the trade, the Colts will probably make sure their new gem is kept in the loop.

Click here for Richardson's reaction to the trade on 19 Action News.

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