Redskins have appointed a "new leader"

Doug Farrar
December 4, 2009

In the Pantheon of ill-advised marketing e-mails, the Washington Redskins have just vaulted straight to the top. As reported by our friend Dan Steinberg of the must-read D.C. Sports Bog, the 'Skins sent the following missive to their long-suffering fans (at least, the ones who have signed up for e-mail updates from the team):

Today the Washington Redskins appointed a new leader that will strengthen the team with speed, control, spirit and drive. As a passionate fan, we invite you to experience firsthand what this means for the future of the Washington Redskins.

Okay -- the first thing you're thinking is that the Redskins FINALLY wrapped their little heads around the disaster that their front office has become, took a page from the Seattle Seahawks, and decided to clean house. Not so fast, Racer X -- the embedded video player underneath the announcement had the following message, courtesy of this Bog screencap:

(Note: Below the headlights is an ad for a car company. In the interest of avoiding more free promotion for this campaign, let's just leave it at that.)

Hoo, boy. I don't even know where to begin here. To sucker-punch your fanbase with spam is bad enough, but to do it in the "new leader" guise basically sends the world this message: "Yes, folks, we know that our team is a complete mess, and we're quite aware that our fans desperately want a team leader they can respect. In response, we're going to insure that our marketing campaigns are even more annoying than our colossally inferior football product! See ya, suckers!"

This franchise has been blowing it, level by level, from a PR standpoint since before the season even began, but this seems especially cruel. The Redskins know what you want ... and they're going to use that fact to turn you into an advertising demographic. Simply contemptible.