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Jack Del Rio nips quarterback controversy in the bud, sort of

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Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Luke McCown(notes), as a lot of backup QBs will do this preseason, had a very good outing on Friday night. He completed 11 of his 15 throws for 244 yards, three touchdowns, and no interceptions.

He did this in relief of starter David Garrard(notes), who didn't fare quite as well, completing five of 10 passes for just 35 yards.

Quarterback controversy? Jack Del Rio doesn't mind if the fans talk about it, but he wouldn't address it himself. From The Florida Times-Union:

"I wouldn't even care to get into that kind of discussion," he said. "I would think even getting into questions like that would show a lack of perspective. We've got a lot of things to do better and we'll just keep our head down and keep working at it and [he's] certainly not going to get caught up in that kind of discussion after a couple of series in our first preseason game."

Perspective. That's a good idea. Let's keep perspective in mind when we look at the case for Garrard: He's had two consecutive seasons with a passer rating above 80, and is just two seasons removed from a 12-game campaign in 2007 where he put up a 102.2 rating; and now the case for McCown: He played better than David Garrard in one preseason game.

I'm not saying that the Jags should build a statue of David Garrard outside of their stadium, or that he can never be unseated as the starter. But it's not like he's a bad quarterback. Is he among the league's elite? No, of course not, but at the same time, there are a lot of teams who wish they had David Garrard, too.

If a real discussion of sitting Garrard in favor of McCown is ever going to materialize, maybe we should wait for more evidence than one preseason game. Maybe we should see Garrard fail consistently in real, actual competitive action, or at least see Luke McCown against a first-team defense.

Until then, I'm with Jack Del Rio. Perspective is good.

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