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I assume the Redskins have a plan, and I assume the Raiders don't

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If Monday officially begins Super Bowl week, then let's take a second to dub this past weekend the Weekend of Bizarre Coaching Occurrences.

Dan Synder and Al Davis, perhaps the two least sane coaches in the NFL, apparently went off their meds on Friday. Snyder fired everyone within a 50-foot radius, and then hired two coordinators despite not having a head coach. Davis, meanwhile, reportedly drafted a letter of resignation for Lane Kiffin, then mailed it to him to sign. That's a new one.

Kiffin, if such a letter does exist, has absolutely no reason to sign it, and, in effect, say, "No, I don't want the millions of dollars you owe me." He says he hopes to be back with the Raiders, but the predominate rumor is that Al Davis wants Dennis Green to be his head coach.

And in case you weren't yet convinced that Al Davis has gone completely off the reservation, there's even a rumor out there that has Art Shell -- yes, that Art Shell -- coming back. I just want Davis to say, "To hell with everything, I'm coaching this team myself until I die."

As for the Redskins, there at least appears to be some method to their madness, though it's still madness. Rumors have them going after Pete Carroll, who's believed to be waiting for an attractive coaching job with plenty of control, while the Redskins seem completely unaware that their job is the polar opposite of that.

They've got a second interview scheduled with Colts defensive coordinator Ron Meeks, Jim Fassel's still out there, and they might be waiting to talk to Giants assistant Steve Spagnuolo. Again, in this situation, you can't rule out the possibility that the owner is insane enough to just take the job himself.

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