Arizona takes Notre Dame’s Michael Floyd

Maggie Hendricks
April 27, 2012

Larry Fitzgerald will have a new partner in the Arizona Cardinals receiving corps as the Arizona Cardinals used the 13th overall pick to take Michael Floyd out of Notre Dame. Here's what our scouting reports have to say about Floyd:

Floyd has the skill set to be a go-to, all purpose receiver. His size and ability to shield defenders on slants makes him a great West Coast Offense fit. His knack for getting open deep make him the kind of receiver Norv Turner likes to mold (and while we always tease Norv, he is good at tutoring wide receivers). He blocks well enough to help any team.

The unanswerable question is whether he will do all of these things consistently, while staying out of trouble. The downside for Floyd is Kenny Britt, a gifted receiver whose flashes of excellence are being swallowed by injuries, drama, and Sammy Hagar driving habits. The upside goes straight up to Terrell Owens, if Floyd really is as fast as his Combine performance suggested.

For our NFL Comparison, let's split the difference and take note of the fact that the Bills are reportedly very interested in Floyd. Chan Gailey has a lot of patience for a certain kind of talented, enigmatic receiver.