Tyler Bray says he gets ‘paid to win football games’ and then backtracks – quickly

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Tennessee is having a rough year.

Team needs to win its final two games for bowl eligibility, coach Derek Dooley has become the most hated person in Knoxville and all this while the school is paying it's players.

Hey, that's what quarterback Tyler Bray said.

"I'm paid to win football games," Bray told media Tuesday.

After realizing what he said, Bray quickly tried to backtrack.

"I mean… my education. That's what the SEC likes to call 'getting paid,'" Bray said.

That's what the SEC likes to call "getting paid," eh? Not sure anyone at the SEC would ever use that language.

Of course, this was a slip of the tongue (we hope) and Bray isn't really getting paid. And if he is… Well, Tennessee should think about trying to get its money back.

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