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Taylor Martinez still setting the record straight on last November’s clash with Pelini

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Dr. Saturday

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Taylor Martinez isn't a sharer.

In fact, many people aren't even sure if the Nebraska quarterback even likes people. Martinez has been known to dodge media or give curt answers when asked hard questions. So for him to open up about the events of Nov. 20 -- the day many believed would ultimately lead to him transferring from the Huskers -- is a major milestone for the sophomore.

On Nov. 20, the world saw Martinez suffer an injury against Texas A&M, head to the locker room and then emerge only to receive a severe tongue-lashing from head coach Bo Pelini. Martinez returned the game, was pretty ineffectual and then said nothing about the dustup with his coach afterward.

Only later did it come out that Pelini was upset because Martinez had called his father from the locker room, which, apparently, broke a team rule. Did he call to tell his dad he wanted to transfer? No. And more than seven months later Martinez finally clarified the "misunderstanding" between him and his coach:{YSP:MORE}

"I hurt my [left] turf toe then two plays later, that's when our center stepped on me. I went to the sidelines, then went back and got X-rayed. After I got X-rayed, I went back to the lockerroom. I couldn't move at all. It was so painful, my left toe and my right ankle. I was in so much pain. I didn't think I was going back in.

"I was trying to walk to our lockerroom to feel it out. I plugged in my phone for the charger. It was on and it lit up. I saw it. I saw my dad called me. I called him back and told him I didn't think I was going back in. I couldn't move at all. I explained to him what happened."

Martinez said he called his father to assuage fears that he had suffered an ACL tear or broken his leg. He didn't want to keep his dad in the dark knowing that he was worrying about him.

That's when the trainer ratted Martinez out for using the cell phone.

"Yeah. {My dad} knew I went to the lockerroom. I thought I was done. I didn't think I'd be able to go back in. I knew it was him who was calling. I explained to him what happened. The trainer was next to me ...

"Coach Pelini misunderstood what one of the trainers told him [about] what was going on. That's when Coach Pelini came over and talked to me about it. He was heated because of everything going on, everything going on in the game."

So fear not, Nebraska fans, Martinez said the turf toe and ankle are totally healed and that he's ready for the move to the Big Ten. If Martinez can find the quarterback he was before the injury, the 'Huskers should be among the favorites to win the Big Ten title. If not, well, expect Martinez to crawl back in his shell.

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