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It’s snowing in Georgia, so Mark Richt went curling on Wednesday (Video)

Nick Bromberg
Dr. Saturday

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From Star Wars videos to curling. Georgia coach Mark Richt is sure having a diverse offseason.

While the southeast is biding its time as another winter storm hits, Richt went curling. (Side note: our request to ban videos filmed in portrait mode is going poorly.)

Sure, it's not standard-issue equipment; that broom may be a tad too big for curling regulations, but how awesome is this? He's also not a very good sweeper. But that's the most excited we've seen Richt in a long time.

No word if Chris Conley is filming any scenes with a tauntaun today. He needs to be taking advantage of this weather if he wants an authentic Star Wars movie.

Also, we're now thinking that an SEC curling league is a must, and each head coach must participate. Except for South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier. He should be the commentator.

Alabama coach Nick Saban could explain the process of curling to us with his methods, while every stone that Auburn coach Gus Malzahn throws could have three different options depending on his sweepers and the speed of the throw. Given the makeup of Tennessee coach Butch Jones's recruiting class, he'd probably play a very defensive form of curling and throw guards whenever possible.

We'll stop now. We've been watching too much curling and reading too much Fourth Place Medal.

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