Johnny Manziel drives away in a pretty sweet ride for an ESPN segment

ESPN followed around Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel for an all-access piece as spring football started, and at the end Manziel is getting into a black car ready to drive some teammates home as he talks to the camera.

"Got a day in the life of a normal football day here at A&M," Manziel said.

Then he drove off in his Mercedes-Benz. Yep, just like every other second-year college student.

Here's the whole video, and the screen shots are at the top:

It's tough to tell the model of the car, but it appears to be a C class, which if bought new range from $35,350 to $59,800. As much as driving a car like that might be part of a normal day in the life for the 2012 Heisman winner, we'd guess not many Aggies students are pushing that kind of ride around College Station.

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There's nothing illegal about Manziel driving a nice car. His family seems to be doing well. His father is a successful home builder, reported. The New York Times, in a profile, told of how Manziel's father promised to buy him a car if he stayed away from alcohol his junior and senior year in high school. The family obviously can afford to give their children nice things. And we obviously assume that if Manziel had a Benz illicitly he wouldn't be riding around in it for an ESPN camera to capture.

But this does add to the legend of Manziel off the field. He has sat courtside for NBA games. He flashed a wad of money at a casino and posted the picture online. Pictures of the 20-year-old partying at a bar showed up on (his parents were there so no laws were broken, the site later said). None of these things broke rules, but Texas A&M athletic director Eric Hyman did meet with Manziel's parents to talk about the responsibilities of being a Heisman Trophy winner, the San Antonio Express-News reported. From that report, one of the things stressed to Manziel and his family is that he's going to get much more attention as a Heisman winner. That is especially true in this age of social media.

Manziel hasn't done anything wrong driving around a Benz. And nobody is going to think twice when they see a regular college student driving a nice, expensive car around campus. But when Johnny Football does it, it's sure to at least draw a little more attention. That's just part of being college football's biggest superstar.

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