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Bracket fail: Very few people picked this exact Final Four

Jay Busbee
The Dagger

The Final Four is set, and your bracket is in ruins. Did you get Florida? Of course you did. Wisconsin? Maybe. Kentucky? If you bleed blue, we believe you. UConn? You didn't pick UConn, and you know it.

Of the millions that filled out brackets on Yahoo Sports, just 191 picked this precise Final Four. Pretty amazing even that many did.

But how many of the millions who entered picked these teams individually to reach their own Final Four? Let's take a look:

Florida: 69.9 percent. No big surprise; everyone loved Florida, and the Gators have proven themselves worthy of your love.

Wisconsin: 19.7 percent. Big 10 fans, unite!

Kentucky: 2.3 percent. Now you know what percentage of bracketgoers are actually true-blue Wildcat fans.

UConn: 1.0 percent. Most of those were ether by mistake or by mothers of Connecticut students, we're guessing.

So let's break it down. How many of these fans picked the teams to go on to the national championship game?

Florida: 49.2 percent to reach, 36.0 percent to win. Reasonable. Ride that Gator, baby.

Wisconsin: 5.2 percent to reach, 1.5 percent to win. Badgers fans took Wisconsin to reach the Final Four, but lost a lot of confidence once they were there. By far the largest dropoff of Final Four-to-championship game picks.

Kentucky: 1.4 percent to reach, 0.7 percent to win. If the cards fall right, you know these fans are going to gloat about this one for decades.

UConn: 0.3 percent to reach, 0.2 percent to win. Some insane-yet-prescient UConn fans decided to let it ride all the way to the championship, and this miniscule percentage of bracket-filler-outers might just end up laughing at the other 99.8 percent of us.

Oh, and remember Brad Binder – the one person in America to make it out of the Round of 64 with a perfect bracket? Well, he's gone the other way since. Of the remaining four, he picked only Florida, and doesn't have the Gators reaching the final. Yeah, even a perfect bracket through the first weekend doesn't mean squat.

So there you have it. If you got even two Final Four teams correct out of this mess, congrats to you. Help us out with our brackets next year, willya? We were terrible. Stupid Kansas ... and Louisville ... and Michigan State ...

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