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Juan Pablo Montoya is now an MTV superstar

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Juan Pablo Montoya is many things -- NASCAR driver, Twitter fiend, potentially toxic teammate. But he's also a charitable fellow, and now he's getting recognition from an unimpeachable source: MTV.

MTV Latin America and the Inter-American Development Bank have presented Montoya with a "Chiuku" award naming him one of its "MTV Agents of Change." It sounds like a superhero group, but it's really a collection of notables who have supported efforts to improve their communities and the world. Previous recipients have included Snoop Dogg, Kelly Osbourne, Fall Out Boy and Morrissey. (Seriously, how great of a superhero group would that make?)

Montoya's "Formula Smiles Foundation" benefits Colombian children in need, and is active in cities and towns all over Colombia. Oh, and "Chiuku"? Here's MTV's official description of Chiuku:

"Chiuku" is a fictional creature, originally from the Amazon, with a "special power" conjured by the mystical Chiukotek tribe. This power gives Chiuku the ability to speak the universal language of music and communicate with humans to invite them to become "Agents of Change." Chiuku seeks to reach the most important and influential people, who in turn, will spread his message all over the world.

You know what comes next: Chiuku vs. Digger in the octagon! Two fictional commercialized creatures enter, one leaves! That could be a part of All-Star Week!

Oh yeah, and congrats to Montoya. In all seriousness, he's doing a hell of a good thing in Colombia and deserves praise for his work.

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