UFC 141 postfight video: Confidence and big knees got the job done for Alistair Overeem

Steve Cofield
January 1, 2012

Those UFC jitters you hear about all time? Alistair Overeem didn't feel them. Nor was he intimidated by the a 270-plus pound beast standing across the cage. Overeem went toe-to-toe with Lesnar and came out the easy victor.

During the UFC 141 posfight press conference, a very relaxed Overeem explained that he laid out the path to victory a few days and it played out exactly as he had seen it.

"It just came up to me. It's weird, I know. I'm not usually the guy who believes in aliens and UFO's, superstitious stuff, but I say 'tomorrow, I'm going to do this, I'm going to do this, I'm going to do this ... and it just turned out that way."

Overeem thought the early knees in the clinch changed Lesnar's mindset.

"After that he didn't come for the takedown as he would [normally]. After that, we could in the clinch and he would disengage," Overeem said. "And usually Brock is a guy who comes for you straight forward, but he was not doing that. So I knew, the knees bothered him."

Overeem admitted he had to put his foot on the gas pedal early in the fight. Lesnar cut him with his first jab and blood was leaking in his eye. He didn't want to allow anything like a doctor's stoppage to get in the way of a victory.

He's targeting late spring or early summer for his title shot against Junior dos Santos. Overeem spoke about a very difficult 3-4 months leading up to UFC 141 and that he needs a vacation and some time to get things in order following the break.