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  • Arizona Fall League players warm up in Halloween costumes

    Mark Townsend at Big League Stew56 mins ago

    Your browser does not support iframes. Halloween fever was everywhere on Friday. Even Salt River Field, where the Scottsdale Scorpions and Salt River Rafters were preparing to square off in an Arizona Fall League game.

    Hours before the game's first pitch, cameras caught several players taking the field in costume, not uniform, for their warm up routine. It turned the usually well-coordinated, yet mundane practice into something all together bizarre, yet infinitely more enjoyable for the players.

    Nothing says Halloween like @MLBazFallLeague practicing in costume:

    All of your favorite superheroes were represented. Superman, Batman, whose glove work is second to none, and even Robin. There was also a banana, a cowboy, a farmer, and, of course, an overgrown baby. Any team in costume has to have one of those.

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  • Jockey produced 'Mad Bum' underwear given away at Giants celebration

    Mark Townsend at Big League Stew3 hrs ago

    To commemorate Madison Bumgarner's historic postseason, the folks at Jockey — yes, the underwear company — created a very limited supply of "Mad Bum" inspired apparel that was given away to 2,000 lucky fans at Friday's championship celebration.

    Hey SF, who scored a pair of #Madbum underwear? Show your support & post a pic. #SFGiantsParade #SupportingGreatness

    Eat your heart out, Jim Palmer. Madison Bumgarner has his own line of Jockey underwear.

    Well, kinda. 

    Although you can already hear the cash registers cha-chinging in and around the Bay Area, the "Mad Bum" underwear will not be available for sale. It's a one-time batch, according to Dustin Cohn, CMO of Jockey International, which makes each of the 2,000 pair handed out a collector's item. 

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  • You have to read the text message Madison Bumgarner's dad sent him during Game 7

    Mike Oz at Big League Stew1 day ago

    Forget the big contracts, free pick-up trucks, prime-time TV ratings and the rest. Baseball, at its essence, will always be a game of fathers and sons. It's why the Ripkens are royalty, why we rooted for the Griffeys and why "Dad, do you wanna have a catch?" tugs at our hearts all these years later.

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