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InterTubing: What players say after shocking great plays

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

As always, InterTubing involves a lot more than the clip in the headline. Still, it was hard not to be completely captivated by the post-play banter among teammates of Cole Heidinger, a return man for Spokane (Wash.) Ferris High who pulled a rabbit out of a hat in turning a muffed kickoff into a shocking -- and entertaining -- touchdown. Well, speaking of which, let's start there, shall we?

Cole Heidinger, Spokane (Wash.) Ferris vs. Spokane (Wash.) Rogers: The play is impressive, what with Heidinger practically doing all he could to lose the ball out of bounds, then bouncing back into play, miraculously avoiding a direct tackle attempt right at his knees and then emerging from a cloud of opponents to break out into the open field. Still, the more fascinating part of this fantastically produced video might be Heidinger speaking incredibly honestly about how shocked he was to pull the whole touchdown return off. The best line might be his "I can't wait to watch it back later." Now that's an honest player.

Donte Jones, Lakota West (Ohio) freshmen vs. Oak Hills (Ohio) freshmen: Forget the level of competition for a moment, just consider this one-handed grab on the scale of one-handed grabs. Considering the fact that it came around the body of an aggressive defensive back, Prep Rally is willing to rank it pretty highly. Agreed?

Brad Kermes, Marcellus (N.Y.) vs. Oneida (N.Y.): Hey kids, want to learn how to break tackles by churning your legs and throw a nasty stiff arm? Just check out Kermes' moves on this 92-yard touchdown gallop against Oneida. Want to know what makes the run all the more impressive? It was a key part of Marcellus' 21-20 comeback victory.

Garrett Zeiter, Los Gatos (Calif.) vs. Monta Vista (Calif.): Of course, Kermes isn't the only person breaking tackles. Los Gatos running back Garrett Zeiter has been known to break a few himself, including these on the opening run of his Wildcats' 61-6 rout of Monta Vista.

Gabe Williams-Torres, Genoa-Kingston (Ill.) vs. North Boone (Ill.): Anyway care to conclude with a picture perfect halfback pass? Why not, right? The credit for this play -- one of only a few true highlights for Genoa-Kingston in the team's 39-14 loss to North Boone -- belongs with Gabe Williams-Torres, who is known much more for running around and through defenses, not throwing over them. Can we call Williams-Torres' toss a jump pass? That little hop he took as he released the ball was pretty nifty, at the very least.

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