Kris Blanks gives the fickle finger of fate to the golf gods

Jonathan Wall
Devil Ball Golf

We've all had a run-in with the golf gods before. Whether it was a missed putt to break 80 or a botched up-and-down to win a couple dollars off your buddies, we've all cursed the golf gods for our misfortune on the course.

Kris Blanks can relate. After missing the cut earlier in the week at the John Deere Classic by a single shot, Blanks gave the golf gods the finger and told them to stick it where the sun doesn't shine ... and maybe, just maybe, let them know what he's going to be doing with his wife this weekend. At least that's what we gathered from his tweet that, as Geoff Shackelford put it, is probably keeping someone at PGA Tour HQ busy over the weekend.

You can't blame the guy for getting frustrated and venting on Twitter, but we'd be willing to bet he'd probably like to take a mulligan for putting that out there for all to see. Regardless, it's now property of the Interwebs. Might as well embrace your newfound fame, Kris.

Update: Blanks just deleted the tweet. That either means he was getting heat from PGA Tour officials, or his wife. At this point we're going with the latter.