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EA releases Tiger Woods 11 cover, but there's something different

EA Sports, one of the few sponsors to stick with Tiger Woods through all his troubles, has released the cover of its latest installment of the Tiger Woods PGA Tour video game. Here it is below; there's Tiger in his traditional dominant red, and -- hey, wait a second ...

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Yep, that's Rory McIlroy there right behind Woods. A hint? A suggestion of things to come? Could we be looking at Rory McIlroy PGA Tour 14 in a few years? A way to distance oneself from Woods', uh, transgressions?

Not so, according to EA Sports President Peter Moore, who said the idea of having both players on the cover "was something we had planned last fall when we finalized our Ryder Cup deal." This year's model will have the Ryder Cup within, which sounds insanely sweet. If you're any kind of a golf fan/videogamer, Tiger Woods Day is almost as big as Midnight Madden.

Matter of fact, we have your first look at what the game play will look like:

(That was fake, as I hope you already knew.) Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 is scheduled to hit June 8. Alert your significant others now; you'll be very busy after that.

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